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The Way Buyers Purchase Homes in NSW is Changing for the Better

Purchasers looking for an off-the-plan purchase want confidence and peace of mind that the project they buy into will be delivered by a reputable and reliable builder.

Introducing iCIRT

The NSW Government has recently launched its new Independent Construction Industry Rating Tool, or iCIRT; a tool that assesses construction companies and provides a rating. This rating is based on build quality and ability, as well as the level of risk associated with previous project construction.

The tool was developed by regulated ratings agency Equifax, and provides construction firms with a rating of up to 5*. Firms awarded 3* or more feature in the iCIRT directory of trusted contractors.

The overall purpose of the tool is to make it easier for home buyers to identify excellent contractors; firms they can trust to deliver what they promise. Every time. It’s designed to put power back into the hands of the consumer, so they can be sure that, when they purchase off plan, they’re getting exactly what they bought. Ultimately, the iCIRT tool is facilitating a new future where buying a home isn’t stressful or worrying, but an enjoyable, exciting experience for everyone involved in the process.

“We’ve been calling for reform in the industry to help give consumers more peace of mind and confidence when buying an apartment”. Deicorp founder Fouad Deiri said.

“When the new iCIRT program was announced, we immediately embraced it and submitted ourselves for assessment.” Mr Deiri added.

Deicorp: leading the way to change – Fouad Deiri

Deicorp, Sydney’s top design and construction firm, have long held a well-earned reputation for leading the way. And it’s no different here. While there are now 19 residential and retail building developers who have achieved a 3*+ iCIRT status, Deicorp were the very first to gain the recognition.

“It’s a point of pride that Deicorp was the first company in NSW to achieve an iCIRT rating.” Deicorp founder Mr Fouad Deiri said.

“In fact, of the 19 projects currently rated, 3 are Deicorp’s which highlights the level of trustworthiness of our company.” Mr Deiri stated.

In celebration of this, NSW Building Commissioner David Chandler OAM recently took the opportunity to speak with Deicorp customers about this exciting new development in the future of NSW property buying. Mr Chandler has acted as Building Commissioner since 2019, having spent more than four decades working with apartment developers and commercial building developers on some of Australia's biggest and most complex projects. Mr Chandler understands just how important build quality is, and was pleased to meet with buyers to discuss solutions to industry challenges.

The meeting was held at Deicorp’s Tallawong Village display centre, which provides potential buyers and investors with an opportunity to learn more about this Deicorp development. Tallawong Village offers 987 one, two, and three-bedroom apartments in the Hills Shire, architecturally designed by the award-winning Turner Studio. Just moments from the Sydney Metro, the development is superbly connected, offering easy access to Norwest Business Park, Macquarie, Chatswood and the CBD.

“We were delighted that the commissioner chose our project to showcase the benefits to purchasers of the new rating system.” Mr Deiri Fouad said.

“He demonstrates how much confidence he has in our product that he would come to our project to speak with our purchasers.” Mr Deiri stated.

Putting consumers back in the driving seat

As the first NSW design and construction firm to be assessed and approved by the Government’s new iCIRT tool, Deicorp are proud to be standing at the forefront of change. The company have now achieved three individual 3*+ iCIRT ratings across their portfolio as a developer and corporate sponsor, and are thrilled to be helping the NSW Government put home buyers back in control.


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CEO Community Message

“At Deicorp, we have welcomed the call for reform in the industry. To offer consumers a level of diligence not seen before in NSW is a very positive undertaking” - Fouad Deiri, founder and Chairman of Deicorp.

Author: Author Plate: Deicorp News - Deicorp Properties - Fouad Deiri

With the release of the Independent Construction Industry Rating Tool, the NSW Government has created a tool to offer buyer confidence in the marketplace.

In partnership with the regulated ratings agency Equifax, the program aims to provide a ratings system where consumers can confidently engage with construction firms who have demonstrated their excellent credentials as trusted contractors. With a scoring table of up to 5 stars, building firms who score 3+ stars in the assessment process are automatically added to the iCIRT directory of trusted contractors in NSW.

Deicorp one of the first Companies to submit for Assessment - Fouad Deiri

Deicorp founder Mr. Fouad Deiri welcomed the introduction of the program and was one of the first to submit for assessment.

“We immediately saw huge benefit in the program and therefore submitted Deicorp to be an early candidate for assessment.” Mr Fouad Deiri noted. “Our aim is to create consumer confidence in the purchasing process for all apartment buyers in NSW.” Mr. Deiri continued.

As one of the leading design and construction companies in NSW, Deicorp hold a reputation for leading edge practices in the State and the iCIRT program is a natural fit for the firm to embrace. To date, over 19 residential and retail building developer firms have been assessed, with Deicorp the first to attain the 3 star-plus status.

“Deicorp are proud to be the first assessed company in NSW and to achieve a positive iCIRT rating.” Mr. Fouad Deiri stated.

Giving Consumers a ratings program for each Development offers Confidence and Peace of Mind - Fouad Deiri

The iCIRT program delivers to buyers a recognised ratings system to rely on when looking to purchase a new apartment or dwelling in NSW and is set to revolutionise the overall industry.

Fully backed by ministerial processes and subject to stringent assessment procedures, the ratings system puts buyers on the front foot and delivers confidence throughout what will become a positive, exciting path to home ownership.

Deicorp Chairman Fouad Deiri was ecstatic with the firm being chosen as the first to be assessed by the iCIRT commissioner, again demonstrating Deicorp’s consistent approach to reform in the industry.

“We at Deicorp were honoured to be offered the opportunity to showcase the purchaser gains available through the new industry ratings system.” Mr. Fouad Deiri said.

“The commissioner demonstrated deep confidence in our approach and products which in itself is a mark of positivity for all at Deicorp.” Mr. Deiri finished.