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Ashfield set for vibrant future

A small Sydney suburb, 8 kilometres from the CBD, is on track to become one of the inner west’s most vibrant places to live thanks to increased investments in the area.

With demand for well-located inner west sites growing, projects in areas like Ashfield are receiving strong interest.. And this multicultural hotspot is showing high demand from both families and professionals.

With easy access to the CBD, Sydney’s inner suburbs are already hugely popular with buyers wanting to live close to the city’s top lifestyle and work opportunities. However, with neighbourhoods like Redfern and Newtown becoming increasingly admired, property prices are expected to continue rising sharply. Ashfield is anticipated to emerge as the new haven of cool affordability, providing more options for residents to enjoy living on the city fringe, without the price tag.

“Following the success of our Petersham project, we knew there would be strong interest for The Anders project at Ashfield. The pull of the trendy inner-west means Ashfield is the next big thing.” Deicorp founder Fouad Deiri said.

“Convenient, vibrant and close to great schools, Ashfield has all the key ingredients investors and home owners are looking for.” Mr Fouad Deiri added.

Why Ashfield?

Ashfield already possesses all the critical characteristics of a strong and desirable neighbourhood. It boasts excellent connections to Parramatta, as well as to Central, only 20 minutes away. There are good bus connections too.

Smart apartment buyers and investors have added Ashfield to their must-see suburb list. There’s a vibrant retail precinct with international cuisines and shopping to explore. Along with the Ashfield Mall, there are the rows and rows of shops and restaurants that line Liverpool Road. Not forgetting the energetic Charlotte Street, Parramatta Road, and Elizabeth Street, which together form the suburb’s social and cultural hub.

But Ashfield isn’t just popular  for its retail opportunities. This Sydney suburb is also bursting with history and natural beauty. The six-hectare Ashfield Park is a quiet haven of relaxation, and the suburb boasts some stunning historic housing. (The Polish Club is part of the project we are building and is therefore not refurbished!)

It’s clear that Ashfield already has all the makings of an incredible inner-west neighbourhood. And with the strong demand for well-located properties, this once-overlooked suburb is right on track to become one of the most sought-after places to lay down roots.

Living in Ashfield

Ashfield offers a diverse range of housing, from the more understated 1960s units to the striking Victorian-era single-family homes. In recent years, however, apartment developers have been adding more contemporary properties that combine true affordability with stylish modern charm.

Deicorp, Sydney’s most trusted design and construction expert, is one of them. They are the company behind the one, two and three-bedroom architecturally designed apartments at The Anders. Located above the neighbourhood’s Polish club – which Deicorp were also trusted to enhance and rejuvenate – the apartments are helping to meet demand as more people head to the area.

With Cooks River to the south, and the Bay Run hiking area to the north, Deicorp’s Ashfield apartments hold a prime location that is attracting buyers from across Sydney – and all of Australia.

“The lifestyle options of Ashfield put residents right on the doorstep of some of Sydney’s trendiest eateries and retail precincts.” Fouad Deiri said.

“But compared to many of the other inner-west suburbs, Ashfield offers fantastic value.” Mr Deiri added.

The next Surry Hills?

Ashfield hasn’t always been on everyone’s radar. Until recently, the neighbourhood has sat happily in the shadows while places like Surry Hills shone in the spotlight. But not anymore. Surry Hills, with its chic boutiques, worldly cuisine, and European-style café culture, is undoubtedly one of the trendiest places for young people today. But with the emergence of Ashfield, it’s got some fierce competition.

And as more young professionals and growing families start building their lives in Ashfield, the competition is only going to get more intense. The high level of people flocking to Ashfield are acting as a breath of fresh air for the neighbourhood, sparking even more change, and even more opportunity.

"As with all Deicorp projects, The Anders brings convenience and easy access to the local train station.” Mr Deiri said.

“It’s why we say Deicorp is the leading building of transport-connected developments.” Mr Deiri concluded.

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